Ankle Dysfunction Adjustments

The foot and ankle contain more than 25% of the body’s bones (28 bones in each foot). Suffice it to say that proper functioning of the joints between these bones is very important, as it is the foot’s job to absorb most of the shock we receive when walking or running

Ankle Dysfunction Adjustments - Ankle Pain Springfield MO

However, an old ankle sprain, a fallen arch, or tight and uncomfortable shoes can significantly alter the mechanics and proper motion of these joints which will affect the foot’s ability to do its job. With this scenario, other joints must compensate for the dysfunction which is occurring in the foot. That is why many times ankle problems will cause pain in a person’s other foot, either knee and/or either hip. Foot and ankle problems can also cause issues anywhere along a person’s spine, even their neck.

Dr H’Doubler has had advanced training in detecting dysfunction and adjusting the 28 bones of the foot and ankle. Many times when these gentle adjustments are applied to the bones of the foot and ankle it can significantly alleviate not only ankle pain, but also improve pain in other areas of a person’s body.