Appetite Suppression with Acupuncture

Acupuncture for weight loss? Acupuncture is a great alternative treatment for losing weight. It works as an appetite suppressant, helps boost metabolism and enables relaxation.

All diets would work if caloric intake is lowered and a person sticks to it. It’s a simple concept: A person’s weight is determined by the amount of energy that they take in, and the amount of energy they expend.

So why is obesity now a national epidemic?

The problem is that it is against our nature to limit calories. People will instinctively eat more than they need to. This is a “gift” passed down from our hunter-gatherer ancestors from a time when there wasn’t a drive-thru window on every corner. We also tend to eat in excess due to our modern lifestyles, chronic stress, and other psychological “triggers”.

Appetite Suppression - Chiropractor Springfield MO

Wouldn’t it be great to decrease the amount of food that you take in, and increase the amount of energy you expend? It’s entirely possible, thanks to acupuncture. Acupuncture addresses both the physiological and psychological aspects of weight loss. A comprehensive therapy for weight issues rooted in an acupuncture protocol promotes better digestion, smooths emotions, reduces appetite, improves metabolism, and eliminates food cravings.

Like many of the other conditions treated by a chiropractor using acupuncture, the protocol for appetite suppression uses a combination of acupuncture points on both the body and ears. It involves a combination of traditional acupuncture using needles and electroacupuncture.

If a person has been struggling with weight issues, acupuncture is a painless and many times effective adjunctive therapy to help in a weight loss program.