Tennis Elbow Pain Springfield MO

Tennis Elbow Pain
Tennis elbow, also known by it’s medical name, lateral epicondylitis, is the result of microscopic tears in the muscles and tendons that run along the outside of your arm. If these soft tissues are used repeatedly, such as working at a computer or doing household tasks, micro-tearing and inflammation can occur which then […]

Ankle Adjustments Lead to Headache Relief Springfield MO

Ankle Adjustments Lead to Headache Relief?
I have a story I like to tell my patients. It’s a great explanation that shows how our bodies are truly intertwined and how sometimes our pain doesn’t actually originate from the areas where we’d intuitively think are causing the problem.

I had a patient come to see me for headache […]

Writer’s Cramp – Hand Pain Springfield MO

Alleviating Hand Pain From Writer’s Cramp
Everyone has heard of writer’s cramp which can happen when a person writes, plays a musical instrument or does some other repetitive activity for long periods of time. This can cause a person’s hand to cramp up and lead to hand pain….but why does it happen?

If one studies the anatomy […]