Foot Pain Treatment

Many people suffer every day with debilitating foot pain.  As a matter of fact it is common for many people to accept foot pain as a normal part of life. If you think about it, the feet are some of the most stressed areas in a person’s body. Not only do they have to support the entire weight of the body, they are also responsible for moving us around, and thus much function properly.

For decades, many foot pain sufferers have attempted to resolve their foot problems by using shoe inserts. Many people will purchase these inserts over the counter or from shoe stores, and some will even go so far as to see a foot doctor to get custom fitted orthotics to wear inside their shoes.

Wearing a good pair of shoe inserts can be a good idea but rarely does it correct the actual problem causing a person’s foot condition. Custom made orthotics and over the counter shoe inserts act more like a band-aid providing cushion and support to the foot. Sometimes this approach will provide relief, but it is certainly not a long term solution to most foot problems.

Foot Pain Treatment - Foot Doctor in Springfield MO

So then a person might ask, “If shoe inserts don’t correct the underlying cause of my foot pain, then what is the solution?”  Medications? Injections? Surgery? Possibly, but most likely not. These things will generally not fix the problem. As a matter of fact, these very invasive procedures come with numerous risks that you will need to consider. So is there a more conservative solution to correct the underlying cause of your foot condition and pain? Yes and it gets to the underlying cause of your foot pain.

The ankle and the foot consist of 26 different bones. These bones all work together, moving and gliding in specific directions, which allows the foot to function properly. When one or more of these bones become misaligned, this will cause dysfunction in the foot and can lead to foot pain.

The best solution to improving the alignment of these foot bones is accomplished using a specific gentle adjustment to the misaligned bone(s) by a trained expert. Dr H’Doubler has had extensive training in adjusting and correcting these problems. These procedures are conservative, gentle and many times very effective in alleviating foot pain.