Frozen Shoulder Therapy

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is a painful and debilitating condition of the shoulder. Movement of the arm is extremely limited and can produce a great deal of pain. Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is more prevalent in women then men. It can mimic conditions such as referred pain from the cervical region, rotator cuff strains, bursitis or tendonitis. In a genuine case of Frozen Shoulder, you’ll have inflammation and some possible scar tissue formation in and around the joint capsule.

Frozen Shoulder Therapy - Shoulder Pain Springfield MO

After an evaluation of the shoulder, Dr H’Doubler will generally prescribe some physiotherapy such as interferential stimulation, heat and/or ultrasound. If fixations are found in the shoulder joint he will then perform some gentle manipulations to help restore the normal range of motion of this joint.

Because nerves supplying the shoulder joint and surrounding tissues originate in the neck, Dr H’Doubler will also assess your neck for vertebral fixations if you are suffering from shoulder pain. Restoring proper movement in the spine can help assist proper nerve function in the shoulder area and help contribute to a person’s recovery.