Hand and Foot Healing Services

Hand and Foot Healing Services - Chiropractors Springfield MO
Dr H’Doubler is one the most experienced chiropractors in Springfield with extensive post graduate training in the diagnosis and treatment of many of the common hand and foot conditions that people suffer from. Many times, hand and foot problems can be caused by misalignments of the tiny bones in the hand or foot. A trained chiropractic physician can help improve the alignment and thus the function of your hands, feet or other extremity joints.  This is done by administering a gentle adjustment to the misaligned bones in the involved area of your body.

We can treat the following conditions as part of our hand and foot healing services:

Hand Pain Treatment
Thumb and Finger Adjustments
Wrist Alignment
Elbow Fixations
Frozen Shoulder Therapy
Foot Pain Treatment
Ankle Dysfunction Adjustments
Knee Alignment
Hip Dysfunction Treatments