Headache Relief

Millions of Americans experience headaches, many on a daily basis. Although there are many causes, the majority of headaches fall into one of two categories: migraine headaches or tension headaches.

Migraine headaches are generally the more severe of the two. They affect more women than men and are usually preceded by an “aura” which may affect a person’s vision and hearing. Many times migraines last for more than a day. They can be triggered by certain environmental stimuli and can be accompanied by nausea and photophobia (fear of light).

Headache Relief in Springfield MO


Tension headaches are usually described as a tightening band around a person’s head and sometimes this tightening can be felt into the neck. They are generally of a shorter duration than a migraine. Tension headaches can be triggered by physical or emotional stress and are most common during the afternoon hours. There are some studies that show that tension headaches are related to structural abnormalities in the cervical spine or neck.

Nerves branch off the spine through a foramen or small opening between the cervical vertebrae. These nerves control the muscles around the head, neck and jaw. If any of these vertebrae are misaligned it can decrease the size of the foramen. When this opening is smaller, it becomes easy to place pressure on the nerves that feed the muscles. This pressure can cause the nerves to fire erratically which can further cause the muscles in the head, neck and jaw to spasm and contract.

Chiropractic treatment for headache relief normally includes detecting the misaligned vertebrae and performing gentle chiropractic adjustments to them. In addition, Dr H’Doubler will incorporate electrical stimulation, neck traction, and stretching exercises into the treatment plan.

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