Knee Alignment

Many people are beginning to become more active with jogging and brisk walks being at the top of the list. Thus, Dr H’Doubler is seeing a greater number of patients complaining of knee pain due to their increased activity.

There are several possible causes for the knee pain that a person may be experiencing. A person may notice pain behind the knee cap while climbing stairs or possible walking down stairs. As a person bends pain deep inside of their knee may become worse as they move into a squatted position.  There are also times when a person may feel pain on the sides of their knee or behind the knee. A person may also experience a worsening while walking on uneven terrain or being active for prolonged periods of time.

Knee Alignment - Knee Pain Springfield MO

Dr H’Doubler has had specialized training in adjustments of the feet. Many times chiropractic adjustments to the feet and knees can have a positive impact on the knee pains a person may be suffering with. The knee is a “hinge joint” similar to the hinge on a door. Unlike the hip or shoulder joints which can move in multiple planes of motion the knee is designed to only move in one plane (flex and extend). Because of this the knee becomes vulnerable when the foot, leg or hip becomes abnormally rotated or misaligned.

A healthy functioning knee depends on the feet, leg and hip bones being properly aligned. When any of those bones lose their healthy alignment a person may experience symptoms of pain, stiffness or popping in the knee joint.

If you are experiencing knee pain it is good idea to have your knee alignment corrected.  Knee misalignments that are left untreated can cause the cartilage (meniscus) inside the joint to wear down. This is commonly known as degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis. Maintaining healthy joint alignment in your feet, legs and hips is one of the most important things you can do to proactively prevent against degenerative arthritis in the knee joint.