Spinal Chiropractic Treatments

Spinal Chiropractic Treatment in Springfield MO
Most people may think that chiropractic treatment is strictly focused on improving the alignment of vertebrae in the spine that are misaligned or fixated. When these vertebrae lose their normal alignment the nerves which exit from the spine may cause pain or discomfort. In addition, this can cause a plethora of other symptoms.

Dr Brad H’Doubler is a chiropractor who is a trained expert in evaluating the spine to find misaligned vertebrae and correcting them. The realignment process is accomplished using a chiropractic adjustment. Our chiropractic adjustments are performed using a specific, gentle force on the vertebra to improve it’s alignment and function. This in turn, will help to remove the nerve interference as well as to help reduce pain and can treat a wide variety of symptoms.

We can treat the following conditions as part of our spinal chiropractic treatments:

Physiotherapy Rehab
Sciatica Treatment 
Arthritis Relief
Auto Accident Therapy
Pregnancy Care
Youth Chiropractic Services
Headache Relief
TMJ Treatment