Subluxation – Bone Out of Alignment

Although many people may not be familiar with the term “Subluxation”, a simple explanation is “Bone Out of Alignment”. Normally, when all the bones are properly aligned, the joints of the body operate correctly and the body itself then functions as intended. Unfortunately, all of us undergo physical as well as emotional trauma and this can move or knock bones out of place. When bone alignment is altered, this leads to fixations and dysfunction of the joints in these areas. Left untreated, these misaligned bones can irritate the surrounding muscles and nerves, and eventually lead to pain.

Subluxation - Bone Out of Alignment - Back Adjustment in Springfield MO


Another unintended consequence of a misaligned bone is its effect on other areas of the body. If a particular joint is not functioning correctly, then the surrounding bones and joints will compensate to make up for this. So, in essence these surrounding joints are thrown into a state of dysfunction as well. This can then affect other joints throughout the body and so the trend continues. That is why many knee, hip, and lower back problems are actually the result of misaligned bones in the feet.

As a chiropractor, Dr H’Doubler is trained to find these subluxated bones and to apply a gentle force or back adjustment to put them back in place. Once they are repositioned, these bones will begin moving as they were supposed to move, the joints will then operate correctly as designed and the body will function as intended.