Thumb and Finger Adjustments

A person’s fingers and especially the thumbs are some of the most overused joints in the entire human body. As a person grips onto an object the thumb by itself will oppose the four fingers of that same hand. So in essence the thumb must absorb nearly four times the effort than any one of the fingers by themselves.

The point where the thumb attaches to the wrist is a very mobile and versatile joint, and a wide range of motion. As this joint becomes overused with all the activities of daily living it will lose it’s normal, healthy alignment sooner than the other joints of the hand. As a result the cartilage surrounding this joint will be exposed to wear and tear earlier than other joints which can lead to arthritis.

Thumb and Finger Adjustments - Joint Pain Springfield MO
As the thumb joint wears down arthritis may develop in early to middle adulthood. When injuries or repetitive activities cause thumb joint stress or restrictions it is important to have these misalignments corrected sooner rather than later. Correcting thumb and finger joint misalignments soon after they occur is especially important if you have a family history of arthritis to minimize joint pain.