Shoulder Issues

Shoulder issues can be some of the hardest problems to treat and heal. The shoulder joint is classified as a ball and socket joint. It is the most freely moving joint in the body and thus has the most range of motion. Because of this wide range of movement it is also very unstable and thus more susceptible to injury.
The soft tissue part of the shoulder is comprised of an intricate network of muscles, ligaments and tendons. These soft tissues can become injured from overuse, excessive strain, trauma and/or improper motion. Trauma to the rotator cuff muscles is one of the most common injuries and is frequently seen in athletes and people who work in environments where their job requires repetitive motion of the arms or strenuous upper body work.
Another common injury involves the skeletal structures of the shoulder, which includes the head of the humerus (the ball part of the arm), the scapula (shoulder blade) and the clavicle (collar bone). Many times these bones can become misaligned causing shoulder dysfunction. This can then cause further strain and stress on the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the shoulder, and can involve the vertebrae and soft tissue structures of the neck and middle back as well.
Chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial for the patient with a shoulder injury or shoulder pain. It is a good first approach as it is a minimally invasive form of therapy. It can help to reduce or relieve the pain, can improve range of motion, and help restore function to the joint.