Your Digestive System & Your Immune System

Two thousand years ago Hippocrates stated ‘All disease begins in the gut.’ While this is probably not entirely true, I think Hippocrates was on to something. Our digestive system is a complex structure which begins at the mouth and ends at the anus. Similar to the fuel system of a car, our digestive system is the intake, the outtake and the processing center for the food (fuel) that we put into our bodies. Thus, it is important that we provide ourselves with a high quality diet so that our bodies can run at their most efficient state. When food first enters the mouth breakdown begins by chewing, as well as enzymes that are secreted by glands in the mouth. It then enters the stomach, followed by the small and large intestines where it is broken down further by more enzymes and by bacteria. Yes, our digestive system is loaded with bacteria that is crucial to the breakdown of this food.

Another benefit of these beneficial bacteria is the role that they play concerning the immune system. Although not entirely clear, many studies are beginning to show gut bacteria are involved in the training and maintaining of our immune system. I find the link between these two things fascinating as this would indicate our digestive system is involved in our overall health.

You can easily enhance the bacteria in your digestive system through the use of probiotics. There are many different brands and strengths but I typically recommend a 50 billion supplement with 10 strains to be taken once or twice a day. This seems to be a good general base for most people. So, not only do probiotics help with digestion, but they may be helping keep your ‘defense system’ in tip top shape….!!!….