I know I’ve written about this subject recently but I would like to reiterate how strongly I feel about this supplement. If I could only recommend one thing for people to take I think it would have to be probiotics. There has been and continues to be much research showing the positive benefits they have on overall general health.

To me, the link probiotics have with boosting and strengthening the immune system is the reason I feel so strongly about recommending them to patients. We live in a world filled with organisms that are essentially at war with each other as they struggle to survive, and whether we like it or not we are participants in this battle. We are constantly being bombarded by various critters that are attempting to set up shop on and within us as they try to turn us into their evening meal. The larger ones (i.e. bears, lions, sharks) are rarely the problem……it’s the small ones that pose the most threat. Although there are many medicines and procedures that have been developed to help fight off these critters once they have successfully invaded us, I think it’s important that we do everything we can to ward off this invasion in the first place. Thus, we need to build and maintain a strong defense system and probiotics are a crucial part of this.

Although there are other supplements and nutritional ways to support the immune system, I feel probiotics offer the best support. There are many different brands and strengths but I typically recommend a 50 billion supplement with 10 strains to be taken once or twice a day. This seems to be a good general base for most people.