Treatment Plans

Having practiced for more than 18 years, many patients have shared with me how relieved they are to discover that I don’t pressure them into a bunch of treatment that they don’t want or need. An adjustment or two is frequently all that is required for an episode of low back pain or neck pain.

Many people utilize chiropractic treatment as a method for an occasional relief of accumulated stress. But many others don’t for fear of being made to feel bad by their chiropractor because of not getting treatment more frequently.

My experience is that people don’t want a canned sales presentation from their doctor. And they don’t want to get the same treatment recommendation that every other patient gets. And they don’t want to be scared or bullied into treatment. I find that what people want and need is a doctor who takes the time to understand their particular problems and applies the appropriate treatment for their unique circumstance.

A minor hitch in your get-along simply DOES NOT require a full blown treatment plan. Often, just one or two treatments will get the job done.

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